What should/could be the human format?


I believe the Format and Properties of Good.
And here is the Catch of false teaching, to obvious to me. The Wizard of Oz, you sure know. Take one letter O out of the word GOOD, you get the word GOD. Word God is so made as substantive name of an invented story/mystery to teach Folk of a “mighty power of the sky/space of the kingdom/universe”.
Which are/should be Human Format Properties?
The essential one is to behave in/with/to do GOOD. And here comes THE VOLUME LEVEL QUESTION NOW in all its varieties.
Meditating and communicating since 2.000 I have some works published, mostly in my native Croatian language, on my blog  https://klaudio3001.wordpress.com  so for more details click a visit. You are welcome to participate in developing the meditation of HOW TO BE.

About klaudio3001

Born 1950. in Porec, Croatia. Grandfather. Several skills. Private research over: Processes How To Be in modern Society, Governing methods, Interaction among beings and nature (mycological-insectal). Fermentation.
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