Any person working for or within the United Nations, even for one session, MUST give oath of loyalty to the United Nations and THEIR LOYALTY TO THE UNITED NATIONS MUST SUPERSEDE LOYALTY TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION while the United Nations Charter goes on destroying the United States Constitution. This means that every one of your government who even participates in United Nations activities have taken this oath:
” I solemnly swear to exercise in all loyalty, discretion and conscience, the functions entrusted to me as a member of the international service of the United Nations; to discharge those functions and regulate with the interests of the United Nations only in view, and not to seek or accept instructions in regard to the performance of my duty from any government or authority external to the Organization.”
SERIOUS NOTE: The United Nations Charter was also done by unlawful use of the treaty-making power. Now the United Nations is calling for all U.S. citizens to be totally disarmed. Aided by Public Law 87-297, and other new laws, their disarmament treaties will confiscate every gun! Then the police force of the world will fall under the direction of the Soviet General. The United Nations, you will note, will henceforth appoint a “World ‘President” from the permanent members of the Security Council.
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are to be “abolished” in favor of the Soviet-Constitution-based United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The hour is late but perhaps not too late to preserve those precious freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. As in the Communist nations there will only be two classes, the ruling elite and the “workers”. If you are not guaranteed a place among the elite this book describes your future and how you might help change it.
…the world conspiracy calls for a king/dictator, a United Nations and a few subordinate organizations
…the world conspiracy calls for a king/dictator, a United Nations and a few subordinate organizations such as the CFR. a few billionaires, such as the late Armand Hammer and some top scientists, economists and educators who have proven their loyalty to the conspiracy. The rest of the world is to become a mixed-up mass of mongrelized humanity, who for all intents and purposes will be slaves of the world system. This is quite literally taught in the Jewish religious book, the BabylonianTALMUD, where it states that in the Jewish World Government, “Every Jew will have 2,000 goyim slaves”.
Indian:  United Nations is a new world order creation…. they also work with W.H.O. to put aids virus in vaccines… they also send ‘aid’ in the form of loans that can never be repayed, to starving countries.  The list goes on and on… genocide and financial terrorism fit for a group of people who think they are so special, and the rest of us are animals.


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Born 1950. in Porec, Croatia. Grandfather. Several skills. Private research over: Processes How To Be in modern Society, Governing methods, Interaction among beings and nature (mycological-insectal). Fermentation.
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