The tricky fraud was made by introducing and pressing to use the FIAT money, i.e. US dollar whilst leaving the Money basic coverage, like gold. Standing behind the FIAT money with a Western’s monopolized production and market policy, was another mistake, as others economies have being growing to strongly participate on the World’s market. So, instead of investing the FIAT money to develop other’s economies, the Riches have being depositing it, also because to avoid taxation and have left their governing functioning with no financial resources. Live and let others live producing in an agreed economical policy, as humans have being created to create and enable creations to others. Fact: Most of the individuals in the FIAT system are to old to can adapt to the new prosperity model. The younger ones..??? Hmmm…are they interested at all to care, to become Avals? Drugged..dissoluted…pervert…?


About klaudio3001

Born 1950. in Porec, Croatia. Grandfather. Several skills. Private research over: Processes How To Be in modern Society, Governing methods, Interaction among beings and nature (mycological-insectal). Fermentation.
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